Gallery 61-75

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Container – Pink Ivory Wood, Pre-ban Elephant Ivory. BC15-061


Bowl. Purple Heart, Bocote, Aluminum, Handmade Marble. BC15-062


Container. Bloodwood (Satine), Green Jade, Pink Ivory Wood. BC15-063.

064 a

Bowl. Wenge. BC15-064.


Bowl. Wenge. BC16-065.

066 a

Bowl. Wenge. BC16-066.


Bowl. Padauk. BC16-067.

068 a

Bowl. Pink Ivory Wood. BC16-068

069 e

Bowl with Lid. Maple, Yellow Cedar, Satine. BC16-069.

070 b

Lidded Container. African Blackwood, Green Jade Bi Disc. BC16-070.

071 b

Bowl. Redheart. BC16-071

072 b

Container. African Blackwood, Marble. BC16-072.

073 c

Marble Toy. African Blackwood, Handmade Marble. BC16-073.

074 c

Bottle. African Blackwood, Walrus Ivory. BC16-074.

075 b

Ginger Jar. African Blackwood. BC16-075.

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