Segmented Toy

Five Maple rings, cut from a single piece of wood.The rings are stacked on and rotate around a Lucite shaft. Each ring has a hole drilled through, top to bottom, near its outer edge that when rotated allows a steel bearing (it’s actually a steelie from a Pachinko game) to drop from one ring down to the next ring which is then rotated to the point where its hole lines up with the one below it. When turned correctly, the steelie drops and so forth and so on down to the bottom piece of quarter-sawn Honduran Mahogany, which is also drilled out so that the marble can fall into the end piece and rest a while before one turns the piece upside down and goes the other way. The top and bottom mahogany don’t rotate, but rather are anchored to the central shaft.

  • Materials: Maple, Honduran Mahogany
  • Size: 6.5″ x 3″
  • Finish: Danish Oil, Bee’s Wax
  • Price: $150 – SOLD
    • See FAQ page for payment, shipping, and return/refund details.

Additional Photos